Warlord and The Lady

At Westeria, an army moves. With a goal, of killing the Caretaker. For a reason, not known to man. At the eastern place, a shadow slithers through The Elders Hall. With a Goal, to Kill Someone even Kings bowed to. On Northern Jungle, Queen of Dragons Smiles as She wonders who has Called her cutest pet. Inside the southern blood riddle Warzone, A human taller than an Elephant laughs viciously, and watches an Army, ridding Harrocks, spears charged with magic marching through the horizon. Their goal is to kill the Invincible One. In Krestia, Aquilae of the weeping blade awaits the rise of the sun, awaiting as the promised one stands on the other side of the chasm to perform a task impossible.

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GenreAdventureFantasyMilitary / WarPsychological
UpdatedJan 17, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
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