A Bowl of Ramen, Please

Winters in Hokkaido are harsh, but the last week of January has been especially tough. In light of the snowfalls, temperatures had been hovering below zero, and the main roads had been blanketed in snow and ice. Among the many stores closing early, a ramen shop known as Ramen Ando remained open, serving hot noodles to paying customers and tourists alike.

19-year-old Daichi Ando has worked here for years, helping his grandfather serve hungry customers daily. It wasn't anything special, but it was easy living, and he was content with spending his life cooking and toiling to keep the family business alive.

One snowy evening, he meets a strange girl who ends up in the restaurant by chance.

Monthly Challenge Theme: Japanese Culture

Monthly Challenge Theme: Japanese Culture

UpdatedMay 19, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,433
Featured fan art of this novel.