Ugly duckling bride

Perhaps it was good luck that fell from the sky, Mo Rourou, the ugly duckling in the eyes of a man, accidentally married the handsome CEO Zhao Junlie because of his sister's escape from marriage, and became his bride.
Zhao Junlie always wants the best, no matter in business or in love, when he was a child, he was adopted by his parents with a very low amount of money to his friend's wife, a professor, as an adopted son. Later, his biological mother's youngest son died in a car accident, and he lacked a family heir. University, returned to the home of his biological parents, accepted the rigorous training of the family business, and finally became the domineering and handsome president of Zhao's enterprise company.
Mo Rourou has a deep love for Junlie. Although it is a commercial marriage, she is happy to complete her love fairy tale marriage and marry Prince Charming, who she secretly loves in her heart.

GenreComedyMusicRomanceCulinaryGirls Love
UpdatedFeb 26, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count2,653
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