Our Greatest Comeback: Thanks to your beautiful light

"Amidst obstacles,
Your light shines brightly.
Never give up."

Takashi always misses. He understood it, even though it hurt, but that didn't stop him when he decided to travel from Tsuno to Takachiho during the Obon Festival to represent his school in the Intercollegiate Soccer Tournament. Paradoxically, it was through his failures there that he found hope. An unexpected ball hitting Nao, a girl suffering from deep shyness in that picturesque town, introduced him to a companion who understood his struggles and was determined to help him improve his game.

This is the story of a certain summer when feelings blossomed, and young love grew amidst an unexpected visit and the discoveries of many secrets. A journey full of compassion, hope, and a nurtured relationship of special moments between young and fearful hearts.

[Present-Day - Teenage Love]
Updating 3-4 times per week.
Grammar corrections and content readjustments have been made. Re-reading is reccomended.

[Present-Day - Teenage Love]
Updating 3-4 times per week.
Grammar corrections and content readjustments have been made. Re-reading is reccomended.

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Jun 01, 2023icon-views 793icon-reaction-178
Chapter 0: Arrival
Jun 02, 2023icon-views 539icon-reaction-158
Chapter 1: Festival of Hope
Jun 02, 2023icon-views 393icon-reaction-153
Chapter 2: Not Enough
Jun 06, 2023icon-views 342icon-reaction-146
Chapter 3: The Cutest Missed Shot
Jun 08, 2023icon-views 346icon-reaction-136
Chapter 4: Before the Time Comes
Jun 09, 2023icon-views 267icon-reaction-137
Chapter 5: Setback
Jun 10, 2023icon-views 247icon-reaction-131
Chapter 6: The Girl With The Umbrella
Jun 12, 2023icon-views 296icon-reaction-131
Chapter 7: She is So Close
Jun 14, 2023icon-views 245icon-reaction-127
Chapter 8: Cheer Me Up
Jun 16, 2023icon-views 185icon-reaction-127
Chapter 9: The Cute White Fox
Jun 17, 2023icon-views 239icon-reaction-126
Chapter 10: Everything Passes
Jun 19, 2023icon-views 229icon-reaction-125
Chapter 11: Pressure
Jun 20, 2023icon-views 226icon-reaction-124
Chapter 12: The Cute (but not White) Fox
Jun 22, 2023icon-views 251icon-reaction-124
Chapter 13: What am I Feeling?
Jun 23, 2023icon-views 242icon-reaction-122
Chapter 14: Obon
Jun 24, 2023icon-views 244icon-reaction-124
Chapter 15: Great Beautiful Light
Jun 26, 2023icon-views 167icon-reaction-121
Chapter 16: Direct Attack
Jun 28, 2023icon-views 142icon-reaction-120
Chapter 17: Hand of God
Jun 30, 2023icon-views 134icon-reaction-117
Chapter 18: Tatan (1)
Jul 01, 2023icon-views 157icon-reaction-117
Chapter 19: Tatan (2)
Jul 03, 2023icon-views 171icon-reaction-118
Chapter 20: Rabbit and Crow
Jul 05, 2023icon-views 183icon-reaction-119
Chapter 21: Starry Sky
Jul 07, 2023icon-views 135icon-reaction-117
Chapter 22: Tsuno United
Jul 10, 2023icon-views 179icon-reaction-118
Chapter 23: Growth
Jul 12, 2023icon-views 138icon-reaction-116
Chapter 24: Title Race with Racing Heart
Jul 14, 2023icon-views 118icon-reaction-116
Chapter 25: Golden Heart
Jul 16, 2023icon-views 118icon-reaction-114
Chapter 26: Parting Ways
Jul 18, 2023icon-views 165icon-reaction-116
Chapter 27: A Thousand Suns
Jul 21, 2023icon-views 95icon-reaction-115
Chapter 28: Farewell Lanterns (1)
Jul 22, 2023icon-views 145icon-reaction-117
Chapter 29: Farewell Lanterns (2)
Jul 24, 2023icon-views 139icon-reaction-116
Chapter 30: Miracle
Jul 26, 2023icon-views 119icon-reaction-117
Chapter 31: End of the Journey
Jul 28, 2023icon-views 107icon-reaction-116
Chapter 32: Crash
Jul 30, 2023icon-views 116icon-reaction-116
Chapter 33: Sanctuary
Aug 01, 2023icon-views 114icon-reaction-116
Chapter 34: Celestial Trial
Aug 02, 2023icon-views 141icon-reaction-117
Chapter 35: Inari's Contract
Aug 04, 2023icon-views 103icon-reaction-116
Chapter 36: Underworld
Aug 05, 2023icon-views 109icon-reaction-116
Chapter 37: Round of 16: Because I Can
Aug 07, 2023icon-views 91icon-reaction-117
Chapter 38: Nao
Aug 09, 2023icon-views 126icon-reaction-117
Chapter 39: Quarter-finals: Because I couldn’t
Aug 11, 2023icon-views 108icon-reaction-114
Chapter 40: And Takashi
Aug 13, 2023icon-views 101icon-reaction-115
Chapter 41: Semi-final: Because you could
Aug 15, 2023icon-views 145icon-reaction-115
Chapter 42: And Inari
Aug 17, 2023icon-views 161icon-reaction-114
Chapter 43: Final: Because we can
Aug 19, 2023icon-views 137icon-reaction-114
Chapter 44: Our Greatest Comeback
Aug 21, 2023icon-views 112icon-reaction-114
Chapter 45: Thanks to your beautiful light
Aug 23, 2023icon-views 203icon-reaction-116
Chapter 46: Epilogue
UpdatedAug 31, 2023
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