Bonded by Music

Eloy is a Spanish University student who was granted the most prestigious scholarship to study abroad in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Genta is a Japanese youth who has worked tirelessly since age seventeen to repay a family debt.

While their personal circumstances may seem worlds apart, there is something that they share: a deep love for music that they had to put aside. So, when fate brings them together through a string of coincidences, and the opportunity to participate in a music talent show arises, they seize it and decide to enter the contest.

Together, they start an unexpected journey, where music, self-discovery and love will go hand in hand.

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

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Jun 03, 2023icon-views 157icon-reaction-19
Chapter 0: Prologue
Jun 04, 2023icon-views 88icon-reaction-19
Chapter 1: Encounter in the 7-Eleven
Jun 07, 2023icon-views 74icon-reaction-17
Chapter 2: A free drink in Harmony
Jun 11, 2023icon-views 62icon-reaction-17
Chapter 3: Genta
Jun 14, 2023icon-views 72icon-reaction-16
Chapter 4: A forgotten feeling
Jun 17, 2023icon-views 76icon-reaction-17
Chapter 5: Proposal
Jun 20, 2023icon-views 82icon-reaction-16
Chapter 6: Impulsive decision
Jun 22, 2023icon-views 68icon-reaction-15
Chapter 7: Let’s do it
Jun 26, 2023icon-views 53icon-reaction-15
Chapter 8: 'We are pleased to inform you…’
Jun 29, 2023icon-views 47icon-reaction-15
Chapter 9: Some research and a new ally
Jul 02, 2023icon-views 57icon-reaction-15
Chapter 10: The 20th pair
Jul 03, 2023icon-views 49icon-reaction-15
Chapter 11: On the same wavelength
Jul 05, 2023icon-views 55icon-reaction-15
Chapter 12: Connection
Jul 07, 2023icon-views 53icon-reaction-15
Chapter 13: That 7-year age gap
Jul 10, 2023icon-views 48icon-reaction-15
Chapter 14: Announcing the first challenge
Jul 15, 2023icon-views 51icon-reaction-15
Chapter 15: An impossible task
Jul 16, 2023icon-views 51icon-reaction-14
Chapter 16: A crazy idea
Jul 18, 2023icon-views 49icon-reaction-14
Chapter 17: Beating the odds
Jul 20, 2023icon-views 45icon-reaction-13
Chapter 18: Unexpected meeting
Jul 22, 2023icon-views 42icon-reaction-14
Chapter 19: Unasked advice
Jul 23, 2023icon-views 55icon-reaction-14
Chapter 20: The road to success
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 50icon-reaction-14
Chapter 21: Bad timing
Jul 27, 2023icon-views 50icon-reaction-14
Chapter 22: Falling for you
Jul 28, 2023icon-views 56icon-reaction-14
Chapter 23: Chaotic preparation
Jul 29, 2023icon-views 41icon-reaction-14
Chapter 24: The second challenge
Jul 31, 2023icon-views 41icon-reaction-14
Chapter 25: Two truths and a lie
Aug 01, 2023icon-views 43icon-reaction-14
Chapter 26: Revelations
Aug 03, 2023icon-views 53icon-reaction-14
Chapter 27: An old friend
Aug 05, 2023icon-views 42icon-reaction-14
Chapter 28: Dinner invitation
Aug 06, 2023icon-views 52icon-reaction-14
Chapter 29: Opening up
Aug 07, 2023icon-views 46icon-reaction-14
Chapter 30: Beach event
Aug 08, 2023icon-views 37icon-reaction-14
Chapter 31: Bonding
Aug 09, 2023icon-views 46icon-reaction-14
Chapter 32: Break the tie
Aug 10, 2023icon-views 51icon-reaction-14
Chapter 33: Do you really need to ask?
Aug 11, 2023icon-views 56icon-reaction-14
Chapter 34: Keeping the secret
Aug 12, 2023icon-views 47icon-reaction-14
Chapter 35: Fight
Aug 13, 2023icon-views 56icon-reaction-14
Chapter 36: Closure
Aug 14, 2023icon-views 49icon-reaction-14
Chapter 37: The third challenge
Aug 15, 2023icon-views 50icon-reaction-14
Chapter 38: Take a risk
Aug 16, 2023icon-views 43icon-reaction-14
Chapter 39: Verdict
Aug 17, 2023icon-views 61icon-reaction-14
Chapter 40: First times
Aug 18, 2023icon-views 66icon-reaction-14
Chapter 41: Calm days
Aug 19, 2023icon-views 42icon-reaction-14
Chapter 42: Time to decide
Aug 20, 2023icon-views 46icon-reaction-14
Chapter 43: Argument
Aug 21, 2023icon-views 43icon-reaction-14
Chapter 44: What the heart desires
Aug 22, 2023icon-views 45icon-reaction-14
Chapter 45: The final challenge
Aug 23, 2023icon-views 66icon-reaction-14
Chapter 46: A normal day
Aug 25, 2023icon-views 55icon-reaction-14
Chapter 47: And the winner is…
Aug 25, 2023icon-views 50icon-reaction-14
Chapter 48: Time skip
Aug 30, 2023icon-views 75icon-reaction-14
Chapter 49: Epilogue
GenreComedyMusicRomanceSlice of LifeLGBTQ+
UpdatedAug 30, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count73,569
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