the ashes from

2060. The apocalypse's come, it's gone, and in its wake the world begins to piece itself back together in the derelict of the golden ages. In the many habitable zones dotting the irradiated continents, societies pull themselves together, relying on newly invented androids - "Dolls" - to rebuild. The future may be bleak but the present is certain. Peace, of a kind; we have learned the hard lessons, and there is war no longer. At least, there is nothing left worth fighting over.

Like hell, right?

2061. In Ukraine Sangvis Ferri, one of the last great Doll Manufacturies, collapses overnight. Kiev goes dark soon afterwards, overrun by rogue Ferri Dolls.

Gryphon & Kryuger, the private military contractor protecting the Russian subcontinental, moves to quarantine the country.

In months, the lines in the sand are drawn.

2062. All it was, was a pair of lips formed into a single perfect order...

...and suddenly, the story began again.

[A fan adaptation of Girl's Frontline]

GenreGun ActionMilitary / WarPhilosophicalSci-Fi
UpdatedJan 19, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count8,732
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