The Day I Caught A Piece Of Sky

Sakura is your average 18 year old, having just graduated highschool and about to enter her freshman year in college. The thing is... even if she herself is normal, her everyday life is anything but normal!

"Mama? Sora wants a hug..."

Starting from the fact that she has a 4 year old daughter to take care of!

"Kyaaaaa~! How can you be so cute!"

And she loves it!

This is the story of the life of a young mom who loves her daughter with all her heart, and how she everyday strives to be a better mom for her daughter! Will she be able to become the best mom she can? We don't know, the only thing we know is...

"Mama, I wuv you!!."

...that her daughter loves her just as much!

Do your best, Sakura!

GenreDramaPsychologicalSchoolSlice of LifeGirls Love
UpdatedFeb 06, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count46,057
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