I, the wholly happy-go-lucky character, go through life on an alternate Earth with some "minor" differences. Yes indeedy do! I promise an absolutely joyous time!
I tell no lies.
What minor differences you ask? Well, here's some advice. Don't drink that lava in a bottle, or you'll have a night of passion unlike any other!
Be careful who you kiss. Romance the love of your life and you may just end up as a very angry furry one bright night. You'll probably wake up to breakfast in bed though!
And finally... just follow Peter Pan's instructions: "Think happy thoughts!"
If you want to know more, just come enter the world!
All you need is to go read my story, you silly!
And don't worry, nothing bad happens to me! Scout's honor!
Oh wait... hmmm. It doesn't make sense to use that phrase if Señor Screaming Fingers turned both Scouts groups to... art. Guess that doesn't work. Maybe you can figure out a replacement for that phrase!
Guess you can't trust anything I say then!

UpdatedJul 04, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count23,754
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