USMC Special Collections Detachment

19 year old Lance Corporal Shultz was born under an unlucky star, at least according to his New-Age-y Aunt. He had expected a mostly typical experience working as an intelligence analyst, but the powers-that-be have different plans.

He's no Jack Ryan, and certainly no James Bond, just an average teenage dirtbag sent to a black site so secret even he isn't allowed to know what goes on there. The mostly girl-filled unit does a horrible job of hiding the more magical aspects of their job, but he plans to vow ignorance to his dying day, no matter what the cute witch from his hometown does to him.

A magical Marine Corps Intelligence romance, and as wholesome as you can get in the Corps.

[Present-Day - Teenage Love]

[Present-Day - Teenage Love]

GenreGun ActionMagicMilitary / WarRomanceSupernatural
UpdatedJul 01, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count4,024
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