Makefits - Keys to the End of the World

Two worlds.
A Soul King set on saving those important to him.
An army of Souls of immense power and the warrior Beings who stand beside them.
And it will be an unlucky adventurer, his hapless Soul, and a cast of misfits that will be the
keys to the end.

In the Realm of Beings, all Beings are anointed by the Soul Kings to be either an anchor, a conjuror, a mage, or a seer. The half-elf Avlend couldn't be happier to be marked as an anchor and be joined with a Soul partner of his own. Together they will be a warrior pair that will stand toe to toe in a fight alongside the world's greatest powers. But when that adventurer is put to work scooping dragon poop, and his Soul turns out to be just as useless as his anchor, it will take a team of misfits to help them find their strength. Meanwhile in the Realm of Souls, the Souls are restless, and one Soul King has found a way to save them all. And this hapless pair and their team of misfits, may be exactly the keys that he needs.

UpdatedFeb 20, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count6,393
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