The Unusual Shepherd - Progression Fantasy/Monster Tamer

Seth is isekai'd into a world of Chaos and Order. Blessed with the Blood mage and Shepherd Class in his first day, he's soon swept into a prophecy to lead the Satyrs to new pastures. As leader of the race he must protect them from beasts, Daemons and worst of all, his fellow Man. Hunters, Slavers and drug addicts wish only to take his tribe and profit from their suffering. 
The path is never simple and a betrayal from their appointed Voice puts his flock in chains and destined for slave markets and brothels.
Rage and Chaotic Will burn through his veins as a quest of vengeance carries him across Silva's woods to the human settlements. Their Gods and Heroes shall drown in the blood he leaves in his wake.

'The Unusual Shepherd' is a gory ferocious struggle through a sadistic fantasy world. Light on the stats, slow burn progression, No Harem or romantic-side plots.

Also published on Royal Road, Scribblehub, Ritoria and Honeyfeed.
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Chapter 0: Prologue
Jul 23, 2023icon-views 62icon-reaction-11
Chapter 1: The Shepherd and the Goat
Jul 23, 2023icon-views 41icon-reaction-11
Chapter 2: A Taste of Power
Jul 23, 2023icon-views 36icon-reaction-11
Chapter 3: Guardian’s Rage
Jul 24, 2023icon-views 21icon-reaction-11
Chapter 4: Rewarding Perk
Jul 24, 2023icon-views 22icon-reaction-11
Chapter 5: Loving Mother
Jul 24, 2023icon-views 19icon-reaction-11
Chapter 6: Chaotic Frontier
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 15icon-reaction-11
Chapter 7: A Dance with Death
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 19icon-reaction-11
Chapter 8: My Flock
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 23icon-reaction-11
Chapter 9: Mother's Champion
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 12icon-reaction-11
Chapter 10: Livingston
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 18icon-reaction-11
Chapter 11: Magical Wares
Jul 25, 2023icon-views 5icon-reaction-11
Chapter 12: Revealing Secrets
Jul 29, 2023icon-views 13icon-reaction-11
Chapter 13: A Guide to Being a Daemon
Aug 01, 2023icon-views 14icon-reaction-11
Chapter 14: Hearthold
Aug 01, 2023icon-views 6icon-reaction-11
Chapter 15: Hunters
Aug 02, 2023icon-views 9icon-reaction-11
Chapter 16: Bag of Tricks
Aug 03, 2023icon-views 12icon-reaction-11
Chapter 17: The Price of Power
Aug 04, 2023icon-views 11icon-reaction-11
Chapter 18: On the Outskirts
Aug 07, 2023icon-views 11icon-reaction-11
Chapter 19: Mother's Tear
Aug 07, 2023icon-views 7icon-reaction-11
Chapter 20: Our Voice
Aug 08, 2023icon-views 9icon-reaction-11
Chapter 21: Blasphemy
Aug 10, 2023icon-views 6icon-reaction-11
Chapter 22: Trainers
Aug 12, 2023icon-views 7icon-reaction-11
Chapter 23: Run By Run
Aug 12, 2023icon-views 7icon-reaction-11
Chapter 24: Wood of Iron
Aug 14, 2023icon-views 9icon-reaction-11
Chapter 25: Turbulent Waters
Aug 14, 2023icon-views 8icon-reaction-11
Chapter 26: The Announcement
Aug 14, 2023icon-views 4icon-reaction-11
Chapter 27: Trials and Tribulations
Aug 15, 2023icon-views 6icon-reaction-11
Chapter 28: A Maddening Pain
Aug 16, 2023icon-views 6icon-reaction-11
Chapter 29: Overruled
Aug 18, 2023icon-views 6icon-reaction-11
Chapter 30: Aspects of Character and Will
Aug 18, 2023icon-views 7icon-reaction-11
Chapter 31: Alek
Aug 23, 2023icon-views 4icon-reaction-11
Chapter 32: Our Acute Connection
Aug 27, 2023icon-views 4icon-reaction-11
Chapter 33: The Aspirant Crucible
Sep 09, 2023icon-views 3icon-reaction-11
Chapter 34: The Priorities of a Goddess
Sep 12, 2023icon-views 8icon-reaction-11
Chapter 35: Artur
Sep 20, 2023icon-views 5icon-reaction-11
Chapter 36: A Devil That Follows
Sep 20, 2023icon-views 7icon-reaction-11
Chapter 37: Home of Unknown Horrors
Sep 23, 2023icon-views 3icon-reaction-11
Chapter 38: Our Stoney Tomb
Oct 07, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 39: Carnage
Oct 07, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 40: Does a Single Fawn Mean Success?
Oct 07, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 41: Marked for Doom
Oct 07, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 42: A Shower of Karma
Oct 07, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 43: An Unwelcome Return
Oct 17, 2023icon-views 3icon-reaction-11
Chapter 44: The Final Trial
Oct 17, 2023icon-views 3icon-reaction-11
Chapter 45: Revelations
Oct 24, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 46: Aftermath
Oct 28, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 47: Little Chicken
Nov 01, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 48: The Baron's Watchtower
Nov 04, 2023icon-views 3icon-reaction-11
Chapter 49: Trade of Flesh and Sweet Things
Nov 18, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 50: The Deal
Nov 21, 2023icon-views 3icon-reaction-11
Chapter 51: Forgive Me Mother
Nov 25, 2023icon-views 2icon-reaction-11
Chapter 52: Down the Rabbit Hole
UpdatedDec 01, 2023
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Word Count112,367
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