Earth is now a desert wasteland after a huge apocalypse caused by things called Calamities. Meanwhile, in a city known as Dome Town which is described as an endless party of a city which is separated into wards is one of the last remaining remnants of humanity's civilizations and is one of its biggest.

Demons also exist in the world and are known to run rampant and make Divine contracts with humans which would give the humans superpowers, or create miracles in exchange for a huge price, like the emotions of their children, their eyes, or even get scammed to exchange their soul.

Alec a bored out of his mind office worker and secretly a masochist meets a little girl named Gogo, who LOVES fantasizing about WORLD DOMINATION! and the two work together to get what they want and in turn mess up the lives up demons and even uncover the brutal tyranny and corruption of the government of Dome Town.

Welcome to the acid trip world of DEADMAN!

first story... forgive my writing in the first few chapters

first story... forgive my writing in the first few chapters

UpdatedJan 01, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count11,217
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