Tomorrow is Closed

Mitoma Kaoru has many problems. One is the black-haired beauty in his class who wants to do nothing but step on his balls. The other is the pink-haired beauty in his class who wants to do nothing but lick his balls. The other other is the blonde-haired beauty in his class who doesn't know what she wants from life, but he knows that she knows that he knows balls are on the cards.

According to him.

His most significant problem, however, are his hyper-realistic nightmares of dying that he suffers from every night. But when the nightmares suddenly stop and become cryptic visions of the future instead, Kaoru soon realises that the answer of how to reach tomorrow lies in the heart of someone who doesn't want 6th May to ever end.

Mitoma Kaoru.
Okazaki Sumire.
Yukimura Kiku.
Tsujimoto Mari.
Sakura Emi.
Fukunaga Manami.
Kamada Daichi.

Who is the impostor among us?

[Present-Day - Teenage Love]

[Present-Day - Teenage Love]

GenreDramaMysteryPsychologicalRomanceTime travel
UpdatedMar 23, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count4,152
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