Fraternal Ascensionism

In the field of chaos theory, the butterfly effect is a principle of chaos. The small change in one state of system can result in larger paradigm shift of events. A simple act of suicide causes a chain reaction throughout a city – even its people.

For those who are born through the rule of Eros, they emit a radiant light of hope. Yet, not all have the desire or will to live. Those that desire to release themselves from the suffocating chains that bound them, Thanatos beckons them with loving arms – a mother’s love of her children.

The story for how every child embraces Thanatos is different like each drop of rain falling from the clouds. For fraternal twins Aneko and Aniko, the loving embrace of Thanatos gesticulates their desires as they deal with the daily mundane routine of banal life and the horrors of their past.

GenrePhilosophicalPsychologicalSlice of Life
UpdatedOct 13, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count1,499
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