While on an archeological expedition, brigands accost Emkay and his employees with offers of 'protection'. Among them is someone who painfully reminds him of his past failures.

It took over fifteen centuries for the world to recover from the cataclysm caused by the extinction of an ancient race known only as the Precursors. Since then kings and emperors have risen and fallen, but the Church of Vhirs remained a stalwart guardian of the legacy of the ancients. In this uniquely crafted realm the hoomin spread wide and far, skillful tehei construct machinery of steam and gear, and elusive tanai tirelessly push the boundaries of knowledge. It is where, when musketeers and pirates clash, arcane powers get invoked amidst the gunfire.

Aramoth is a uniquely crafted reality where supernatural elements of fantasy meet the constraints of physics and is best described as hard science fantasy.

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UpdatedJan 01, 2024
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count36,069
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