Henry Rider: Clown Hunter

All that stands between mankind and absolute chaos is Henry Rider.

We're doomed.

Life isn’t easy for Henrietta “Henry” Rider. Born into the lowest class of klaon society, collecting enough laughter to keep her alive is a daily struggle. The only upside is that she has the coolest job ever. As the council’s Hunter, it’s her responsibility to kill maiams, wicked monsters that steal laughter by force. But no matter how hard she tries, the council shuns her, her mentor rebukes her, and the people she protects mock her. Then she meets Ethan, a young man who has lost his ability to laugh. His pent up laughter could either feed the entire klaon population, or create the most powerful maiam to ever exist. Seeing this as her way to finally prove herself, Henry volunteers to protect Ethan until he learns to laugh again — even if that means never leaving his side. But a mysterious masked figure has his sights set on Ethan, and he doesn’t care who he has to kill to get to him.

UpdatedOct 24, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count74,346
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