For as long as humanity has ruled the earth, skinwalkers have existed right beneath its nose. A race of shapeshifters, they live secretly in the lands untouched by civilization. Their only contact with the human world is to find other skinwalkers and awaken them to their true nature.

Fey Greenbriar has abandoned that existence, choosing instead to live amongst humanity. As a human, Xavier "Zave" Thendred is content with the life he has with his dog, Clueless. But when an ancient evil sets its sights on the dopey golden retriever, Fey is forced to awaken Clueless’ latent skinwalker powers.

With a horde of flesh eating monsters in pursuit, a frantic race across the country begins. Fey must break her exile and seek out her old pack, hoping that they will give Clueless the life she deserves. But far darker plots have been set in motion than any of them could imagine, and a mysterious figure has a warning for Zave: “If they find out what you are, they will come for YOU instead.”

UpdatedJan 13, 2024
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count37,423
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