Am I Ready for This New World?!

The Kingdom of the Aquila has known peace for over a thousand years, and its people have only known prosperity.

One day the winds howled with unnatural fury, the skies darkened, blood poured from the skies, and unspeakable horrors fell upon the world. An eldritch enemy, thought long defeated, has consumed the countries around it, and has entered battle with the last hope of all life in this world. An Army of the Light, led by a legendary Prince, was mustered to hold off this ancient foe. The darkness was routed, and bought the Kingdom precious moments of the cost of the legendary Prince.

Daisuki Yoshida is an average second-year high school student. One day he finds himself brought into this world: brought in as a part of an ancient prophecy stating that a hero from another world bring their world back from the brink of destruction. Is he really able to fulfill the desperate hopes and dreams of this world's people?

UpdatedJul 18, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count39,378
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