In a world that only knew war for over seven decades, there seemed to be no other reality other than the endless, constant conflict between the two great kingdoms of Trelven and Rhinn along with their vassal states. Meanwhile, in a small, insignificant battlefield somewhere in Trelven, the young warrior Elethien rose up in revolt, promising to create a world where Foresters, a minority exploited for their magical prowess, could live united as one independent kingdom. Uprisings were not uncommon, but Elethien had a strange statement: she claimed that she was 'to become a god, blessed by Fate, God of all gods'. Would she upset the delicate balance of war in her quest to realise her own ambitions, or would she drown in her efforts as did many revolts and rebellions before her?

GenreDramaFantasyMagicMilitary / WarSeinen
UpdatedDec 05, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count29,107
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