Scorchburg the Unseen Nights

follow the journey of John, a 25-year-old that studied Parapsychology, as he takes on the unexpected of assistant town mayor in the remote and enigmatic town of Scorchburg. Seeking financial stability to support his aging parents, John sees this opportunity as a welcome escape from the struggles of finding employment with his specialized field.

Set in a picturesque valley, Scorchburg is a quaint town surrounded by forests and rolling hills, its charming appearance reminiscent of a bygone era.

However, as night falls, John begins to notice a stark contrast between the town's idyllic daytime facade and its nocturnal atmosphere. A sense of unease creeps in with the mist that rolls in from the hills, shrouding Scorchburg in an otherworldly veil. The once lively streets become eerily deserted, and John can't shake off the feeling of being watched, despite no one being in sight.

UpdatedDec 27, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,664
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