The Awakening

What happens when we die? Do we just disappear or do we reincarnate? The people in world filled with magic do. The chance to live a thousand life times due to the energy of their mana. A catastrophe arises in their world bringing war and destruction. You could say the lines of reincarnation got crossed as many of their souls are now born into our world. The ability to use magic comes with that soul, the power is a miracle, a blessing, a curse for those who wield it. The Awakened as they are called are prized for their ability and become both the protected and pawns of the world.
The Awakened, takes place at one of the many special schools that open to care and train the young gifted with the power of an extra soul so they can live a normal life or use their special talents as a career. A dangerous world awaits the Awakened as you will soon find out.

UpdatedJan 22, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count5,295
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