Endless Isekai Vol. 4: Strength & Stability

College is meant to be a time for exploration and self discovery. Yet for Arson and friends, higher education proves to be filled with nothing but trickery and problem solving for those long graduated. Instead of parties, and the gaining of new friends, a new set of hurdles is thrust upon the, Builders of Godhood.

Arson may have many skills, but even our brave Cultivator may be faced with problems incapable of being fixed overnight. Or even in a lifetime. Regardless of the weight of what Arson must face, problems brought on by his own choices, or external forces, he must overcome.

Join Arson in the next phase of his life, as he realizes that every issue the world has to offer a Cultivator, may not be worthy of the stresses they bring no matter how much power and prestige is gained.

Graphic Violence and Strong Language

Graphic Violence and Strong Language

UpdatedMar 25, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count63,531
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