Lord of Goblins


That was the sound that ended it all…

After he closed his eyes and lost feeling in his body, Lev felt nothing... No pain, no irritation, no worries, no anger, no happiness, and no sorrow... He couldn't feel his body, nor could he perform complex thoughts. He was fading, becoming one with the void. All his hardships are fading, but so are all his dreams. All his enemies were being forgotten, but won't so his friends?

If being transmigrated to the body of a bogey isn't bad enough, then try freeing yourself from the shackles of slavery whilst climbing the tribe's social ladder. From weakest bogey to strongest monster.

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GenreActionFantasyMilitary / WarSci-FiIsekai
UpdatedMay 30, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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Chapter 2 - Memories of old
Chapter 7 - Ride to Glory (2)
Chapter 7 - Ride to Glory (2)