Children of Cinders

"Only those with the will to survive shall never know what ease is."

For as long as he remember, that was the mandate bestowed upon him when he first made sense of his surroundings. He fought, he bled, and he limped. He was an agent of the Garden of Cinders.

A life filled with laughter. A home filled with warmth. An existence full of love. All of that is a luxury to Moth, for he is the longest surviving cinder child of the Garden.

Moth lived so long as a shadow. As a cinder child, he uses his powers to end another life. A scorned existence, a scarred soul, and an unfeeling boy tainted by the bloodshed he accumulated all his life. Now the Garden has a new mission for him.

One where he can only hope that he has a different way of living. One, where he must remember, that his life is forever rooted to serve the garden.

UpdatedJun 18, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count15,336
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