Songs of Souls

Bathed in the unyielding glow of a colossal tower, the war-torn realm of Craiddhol harbors Elemenium deposits, a mystical material with the power to reshape battlefields and destinies. Three sworn brothers from a peaceful village – Deynfif, the brilliant earth wielder, Einntyr, the boisterous brawler, and Hirua, the scarred but determined warrior – find their lives ravaged by the Miers Empire's cruelty.

When a devastated village raises their resolve, the brothers must unite to defend their home. They face the Empire's deadly forces, led by the cold Empress Inaya and her haunting Friedenguard, Arguilla – a threat to all of Craiddhol.

Embark alongside them on a perilous quest where every action reverberates across destiny's interwoven threads.

With your guidance as the enigmatic Songs of Souls, can their bond withstand the pressures of war, or will their fate shatter under the weight of destiny?

GenreActionAdventureDramaFantasyMilitary / War
UpdatedJun 22, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count48,693
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