I was reincarnated as a monster flower

Warning: Some cussing will be occassionally used. Also a tad bit of gore. Just not much.

You know I was just another average Joe. I was a highschooler had a 9 to 5 job at a gas station. And my name was actually Joe.

You know normal stuff.

But by some cruel twist of fate out of all the gas stations (Of which there were over a dozen) the gas station I worked at was robbed by some thugs and I was shot.

Not even once though. They just had to make sure the job was done and shoot me five times. Five times!

But my suffering didn't end there. Oh it would have been so much simpler if it had. No I awoke in this pitiful excuse of a body! A monsters body!

Not even something good like an ogre or a dragon! Heck even a goblin or a slime even an ant would have been better than my body!

I Joe Johnson was reincarnated as a flower. A small dainty weak flower.

UpdatedJan 03, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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