The Mysterious You and The Curious Me

"Let's hang out." is the question Mayoi got asked by his friends frequently. To Mayoi, 'no' is not an option. Not because he is a pushover, but because the choice in itself is close to worthless. 'Might as well do it than not' was how he lived his life. A grey-toned every day, from a grey-toned man.

Being lost and not knowing the direction of life, this man can be perceived as 'stuck to the present' or even 'focused on the future' a philosophical Schrodinger cat standpoint. He is lost, desperately trying to find a ruler to his line called 'life'.

Maybe one day he can say,

"I'm busy, got something I want to do later."

UpdatedMay 01, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count2,602
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