The Raven and the Dove

In a world where magic reigns supreme and expectations dictate destinies, Sato Ryuki, an outcast devoid of magic, navigates the treacherous corridors of the Veridian Academy. Subjected to discrimination and haunted by his past, Sato seeks solace amidst the chaos, only to find unexpected companionship in Minami Namakawa, a skilled assassin known as the "Dove of Death."

As Sato reluctantly joins Minami's squad, comprised of enigmatic individual, he grapples with his own demons while embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Together, they are thrust into a world of intrigue and danger, where shadows conceal secrets and alliances are forged in blood.

GenreActionComedyFantasyGun ActionRomance
UpdatedMay 02, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count9,523
Featured fan art of this novel.
Sato Ryuki and Minami Namakawa