Blasphemy: Saga of the Blackgoat Prince!

Akane lived life as a mob. An npc, with plain looks, average grades, boring friends, and a normal life.
The only extraordinary thing about her...
Was the way she died.
It was so embarrassing... it won her a contest. A new life, in a new world, one in which, perhaps, she wouldn't be doomed to the background.
The Elder gods have ascended. And the second generation had no need for their Law. So they desecrated her until she unmade herself. And fed her disciple, their brethren, to the Black Goat.
Now he's returned, not as a god, but as a demon. Whose madness is only superseded by his thirst for revenge.
Imprisoned with the fallen god, Akane has nno choice but to follow him on his festival of despair. A journey in a world of hip-hop magic and madness that exposes the evil of gods, and the despair hidden within the truth.

UpdatedJan 31, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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