Magic Breaker: Transfer to Another World

Katatsuki Fiercest Suta is a half-Japanese boy studying in high school. He never expected to be transported to another world because of a strange girl he encountered. Due to that girl, he was given a responsibility that would change his life. That responsibility is to save the world from evil forces that seek to destroy the balance of the magical world. He did not grow up in that world, and it is not his world to save, plus he has no powers as he is just a mortal. However, he is a magic breaker immune to their magic, and now he is their savior from Earth. This is his journey in the other world with his future friends who will accompany him on the quest to defeat evil, but that's what they think about his identity as a magic breaker...

UpdatedJun 15, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count16,866
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