Otherwordly Reincarnation: The Hag Son

Bram Engels,
A prized member of Class D - the lowest class in Redgate Academy, where "they stuff all the psychos and airheads." Or so they say.
Their ongoing conflict with the top of the school's 'Class A' seems neverending, and things only get worse after both the opposing classes find themselves in a peculiar situation - standing before the God of All, the Etherson, and Spiritus, about to be Reincarnated as heroes.
But there was some mistake, as Class D was not meant to be involved in this particular summoning. After all, they and Bram are merely lower-class trash.
But why waste good fodder?
Together with the amazing Class A, the mediocre Class D find themselves put through the reincarnation cycle to another world too, but without the boons and buffs granted to their higher status schoolmates - to be born and raised again into heroes in another world.
But... Bram finds himself in a peculiar situation after his rebirth...
He's become indirect the son of an ugly bog Hag.

UpdatedJun 29, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count38,841
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