Burned Out Heroes

The discovery of a miracle substance called “anamnesis” that allows human brain waves to alter matter itself plunges mankind into an all-out war, the Anamnesisian Conflict. Cyborg 01 (ZeroOne), a hero of the war, now wanders through its aftermath, roaming from place to place with Karen, a girl with the power to bend digital networks to her will.

The pair visit a massive artificial island dubbed the “Soul Settler” during their travels. A request to look into the disappearance of Erde Hadias, the daughter of a Federation Parliament member, awaited 01 upon arrival. A colossal conspiracy lurked behind the scenes, however, and now the two of them are in the eye of the storm.

Author: big bear
Cover art by: Tierla

GenreActionDramaMechaMilitary / WarSci-Fi
UpdatedDec 02, 2020
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count52,102
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