Further Than The Sky

A penal squad composed of the military's worst. Incompetent soldiers, traitors, war criminals, here is where they are gathered to be sent out to die. In the eyes of the world, their worth is close to zero. They only exist to undertake missions that would otherwise be suicide for the normal man.

An experimental program consisting of talented teenagers. These young women showed promise and potential, giving hope to the possibility of commandeering the HG-07 Gibril, a machine that brought devastation upon the lands through the Gravity Well Incident.

They stand on opposite ends of the battlefield.

However, everything is flipped on its head when both parties take in a new recruit into their ranks. Little did they know of the ties these seemingly ordinary people had to the event that almost destroyed the world.

GenreActionGun ActionHaremMechaMilitary / War
UpdatedFeb 13, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count16,914
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