REC Company

Enzel Venera was the greatest mercenary of all time, taking down armies, killing monsters, and destroying everything in his way through raw power and brute strength.

But that was years ago, during an age of war. Now, in the present, the nations enjoy a time of peace. Thus the era of adventurers began, causing mercenaries like him to drop in value. His golden age ended as soon as it begun.

As he staggered along a town, dying of starvation, he was saved by an angel. Unfortunately for him, it was no angel, it was just his former mercenary guildmate Rachel Mariner, bearing a violent grudge that would last for ages. During those days, he had always bullied her for being weak. Now, she owned an emporium and a workshop, and he was no better than a hobo.

Circumstances arose, and the strongest mercenary history ever knew was reduced to nothing more than her slave-- Employee.

With fortune frowning down on him, how will Enzel survive his new life in this town?

GenreActionComedyFantasyMagicSlice of Life
UpdatedFeb 13, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count16,608
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