Kenpai - 剣輩

Kitano Reiken is a normal high school student, with one secret: his family descends from the ancient Chinese swordsmith couple, Ganjiang and Moye. His father, Kitano Susuki, runs the swordsmith, while his older brother, Kitano Reigin, apprentices with his father. On his 16th birthday, however, everything changed. Instead of having him pick a sword as his birthday present, like every child in the Kitano family did when they turned 16, a rusty sword sitting in the corner of the swordsmith suddenly summoned him to another world. Follow Reiken as he embarks on an adventure to become the master of swords.

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GenreActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsIsekai
UpdatedMay 17, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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