Are you sane, could you be insane without knowing it. No. You're sane, yeah, you're sane, you're sane! I want power, I don't want to be treated like dirt anymore! But no matter what changes me, I'll always be sane. I want to show them their place, I want to show them what I always experience. But no matter what happens I'll be sane.

Note from the Author:
I made this to show you the mind inside an antagonist. I INTENDED FOR THIS TO BE FOR ALL AUDIENCES BUT YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A HORROR, PSYCHOLOGICAL SO VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!! This is mainly written for TEENS, I say my writing is not scary enough to have a mature rating for adults. I also posted this story in royal road linked in my profile if you want to check it out.

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UpdatedJul 22, 2020
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