Life is Just a Bugless Game

In the blink of an eye, Kodo Yuusuke -a huge anime, tech, and gaming otaku- along with his sisters, friends, and thousands of others, is transported to the land of ''Eien no Jiyuu'' or ''Eternal Freedom'', the setting of the long awaited and newly released game ''Insert Command''; however, they soon realise that the ''game'' isn't a mere game anymore.

The only way for the ''chosen ones'' to escape from this living nightmare is to beat the world's creators, the 4 Dei, within 30 days, otherwise they vanish with it.

In this handicap death battle that puts the players at a huge disadvantage, Yuusuke pledges to take on the 4 Dei with the help of his friends. Despite the efforts of other players, the results indicate that there is no way a mortal could beat a God. Is everyone's demise set in stone or is there actually a way to beat that ''bugless'' life-or-death game?

UpdatedJul 06, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count22,236
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