The Maiden Of Death And Zero (HIATUS)

One tuesday, eighteen year old Kazushi Michizane finds a beautiful maiden girl in a Lolita outfit on the edge of his school roof about to commit suicide, and he therefore decides to go save her. That is, until he ends up getting stabbed and kissed. But after he gets stabbed, he finds himself back to the start of his day, almost as if he went back in time.

And on the same Tuesday, he ends up meeting a new transfer student in his class named Runa Chinatsu, a girl with dark silver hair, bright blue eyes, and fair skin. And it's then that he not only unravels what Runa was, but also becomes part of Runa's journey in a roller coaster of mysteries, time loops/paradoxes, and even necromancy. And with his friends and even some enemies along the way, it's only the start.....

Other Genres: School Life, Psychological, Action, Horror, Mature, and Seinen

UpdatedFeb 09, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count684
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