I couldn't confess my feelings so I was sent back in time

"Aya. I know it isn't like me to say something so suddenly, and you probably won't understand why. But, But I'm in love with you!"

Those were the fated words that Kazuki Ren had hoped to present to his senior before she disappeared. Alas he was too late. Without word or warning, Jikan Aya was off to college and secured a job. Leaving her home town behind her, Kazuki was left to finish his days in high school without her.

With an almost definite two years gone by, Aya returns in time to attend the yearly festival.
Kazuki sees this as the golden moment to explain what should have been said two years ago, but it also seems that Aya has her own plans. And on top of that, a seemingly larger, divine power begins to work. Allowing the supernatural to consume the two in a bundle of comedy, romance and time travel.

UpdatedFeb 18, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
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