Dead Soul Dispersia-Triwrite .version

Book for a role playing game Iam creating. This is its third rewrite I've done.
-Dead Soul Dispersia
-Dead Soul Dispersia 2nd/Lock and Key
-Dead Soul Dispersia- Triwrite

A soul could never be banished to hell for the twin goddesses had mercy on those after death. Welcoming with open arms Usigu and Gashku would bring forth eternal life in the bountifull joys of the heavens.
Yet if a Soul were to get lost on the way where would it go? For this purpose the "Morthreus" was raised from the depths of the abyss to entrap such lost souls for some could not haunt the world of the living whilst unable to escape to heaven.
The world so named Vael Saeth, even though meaning safe haven has once yet again had an age old vale broken.

The Mothreus will allow a being to live again or have their Soul vanquished for eternity. Welcome to the greatest pit of despair and the cost of living is simply an equal exchange. Your Memories in exchanged for souls.

UpdatedFeb 13, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count75
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