The Ghost of OtherWorld Vol. 1: The Flame Knight of Ember Palace

In this world there are things, things in which the stubborn mortal mind has played off to be myth. With time, claiming fact to be nothing more than fiction. It is when shown these things that a decision must be reached. Can their sanity withstand the truth? Some prevail, while others are lost. Souta Okada, an average, yet indecisive school student is shown the truth, and his sanity holds. Finding himself in the most unlikely supernatural scenario, he meets an otherworldly woman by the name of Tomiko Harada. It is after meeting her that a series of events are set it motion, and he soon finds he is not the lost person he once was. As together, He, Harada and several friends he makes along the way are determined to change the corruptibility of both his world and the next.

UpdatedFeb 15, 2017
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count26,611
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