White Wings Café

After the death of her parents and losing her home, aloof and deadpan Shiro begrudgingly inherits their old cafe. As you would expect, getting a café back up and running is alot for just one sixteen-year-old to handle.

Luckily, she has a guardian angel named Yuu to help her out! Despite looking sophisticated and proper at first glance, Yuu is a little airheaded at times and there's alot she still doesn't understand about humans...however, that's not going to stop her from trying her best!

Take a peek into the lives of Shiro and Yuu as they deal with running a café in this romantic comedy.

GenreComedyRomanceSchoolSlice of LifeGirls Love
UpdatedNov 01, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count37,828
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