The Barista Who

As he sat in the perfect cafe in the famous "Caffeine Mile" Pablo felt he had it made. The perfect place to escape his tiny flat and do some work. He was even captivated by the beautiiful barista...

However, the next day, he couldn't find the cafe again! Had it shut down? Was it not as good as he had thought? Heck, had he even dreamt the whole thing?

Will Pablo refuse to give in until he finds that perfect cafe experience again? Will he just settle for a regular 'cup of Joe' and a quiet place to fire up the laptop?

Pablo, beware! There are weird and wonderful experiences waiting on the famous "Caffeine Mile" - especially if you insist on asking for 'just a normal' coffee!

Prompt: Who Needs Plot
Theme(s): #Slice of Life #Work #Cafe

Prompt: Who Needs Plot
Theme(s): #Slice of Life #Work #Cafe

GenreComedySlice of Life
UpdatedJul 09, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count507
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