Trapped In A Scummy Trashy Love Triangle

Akari Mimori, she’s 17, beautiful, and transferred to Kaiya High School. Her former school? A prestigous academy.

But, it seems like two boys have taken a liking to her: The Trash and The Scum. Katsumasa Naomasa, the hated scum of Kaiya High School after he ended up getting into improper and illicit relationships with guy’s girlfriends and college women, and simply doesn’t care about what others say. Then there’s Rinsho Otohiko, Kaiya High’s trash of the school who harshly criticizes others, and has a belief system on being harsh and mean to others.

And to think these two take a liking to Akari….The love comedy triangle, begins from there!

Genre Included; Slice Of Life

UpdatedMar 14, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count252
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