Half-Paid Heroes

Superheroics, in this world, is accessible only by a stroke of luck on a job hunt, and the Kirikagura Company is one of the places to get such an elusive job. However, when two ordinary girls - Chris and Ella - join the Company, their lives change, both for the better and for the worse...

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May 22, 2017icon-views 159icon-reaction-17
Chapter 1: Business As Usual
May 27, 2017icon-views 43icon-reaction-15
Chapter 2: New Friend, New Foe
May 29, 2017icon-views 37icon-reaction-15
Chapter 3: That Which We Call a Rose...
Jun 01, 2017icon-views 35icon-reaction-15
Chapter 4: Troubles Ahead
Jun 01, 2017icon-views 38icon-reaction-15
Chapter 5: Tremor
Jun 05, 2017icon-views 36icon-reaction-13
Chapter 6: Cat Out of the Bag
Jun 10, 2017icon-views 64icon-reaction-13
Chapter 7: Tired and Confused
Jun 18, 2017icon-views 32icon-reaction-13
Chapter 8: Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It
Jun 22, 2017icon-views 44icon-reaction-13
Chapter 9: Manufactured Smiles and Real Tears
Jun 25, 2017icon-views 49icon-reaction-12
Chapter 10: Perfect Outcome (+ Author's Notes I)
Jun 29, 2017icon-views 30icon-reaction-12
Chapter 11: Penitence
Jul 05, 2017icon-views 33icon-reaction-12
Chapter 12: Round the Twist
Jul 31, 2017icon-views 48icon-reaction-12
Chapter 13: With Open Arms
Aug 15, 2017icon-views 30icon-reaction-12
Chapter 14: Selfish Heart
Sep 10, 2017icon-views 33icon-reaction-12
Chapter 15: Rage Against the Machine Pt. I
Sep 24, 2017icon-views 28icon-reaction-12
Chapter 16: Rage Against the Machine Pt. II
Sep 29, 2017icon-views 41icon-reaction-12
Chapter 17: Rage Against the Machine Pt. III
Oct 02, 2017icon-views 37icon-reaction-12
Chapter 18: Heatwave
Oct 03, 2017icon-views 36icon-reaction-12
Chapter 19: Reality vs. Fiction
Oct 09, 2017icon-views 48icon-reaction-12
Chapter 20: Tongue-tied (+ Author's Notes II)
Oct 22, 2017icon-views 55icon-reaction-12
Chapter 21: No Rest for the Weary
Oct 26, 2017icon-views 35icon-reaction-12
Chapter 22: Bloody Hell
Oct 31, 2017icon-views 33icon-reaction-12
Chapter 23: Starry Night
Nov 06, 2017icon-views 58icon-reaction-12
Chapter 24: Ties that Bind
Nov 06, 2017icon-views 64icon-reaction-12
Chapter 25: Empty Threats
Nov 12, 2017icon-views 56icon-reaction-12
Chapter 26: Bonus Chapter: Ace in the Hole...?
Nov 16, 2017icon-views 54icon-reaction-12
Chapter 27: I'm Lovin' It
Nov 20, 2017icon-views 30icon-reaction-12
Chapter 28: Shift Happens
Dec 01, 2017icon-views 51icon-reaction-12
Chapter 29: Coping Mechanism
Dec 06, 2017icon-views 27icon-reaction-12
Chapter 30: Incomplete
Dec 17, 2017icon-views 39icon-reaction-13
Chapter 31: Skill Grafting (+ Profiles I)
Dec 31, 2017icon-views 30icon-reaction-12
Chapter 32: Fallout
Jan 02, 2018icon-views 41icon-reaction-12
Chapter 33: Metamorphosis
Jan 06, 2018icon-views 28icon-reaction-12
Chapter 34: It's Elementary
Jan 09, 2018icon-views 29icon-reaction-12
Chapter 35: Confronting the Past
Jan 23, 2018icon-views 25icon-reaction-11
Chapter 36: Faceoff
Jan 31, 2019icon-views 29icon-reaction-11
Chapter 37: Bonus Chapter: What Goes Around Comes Around
GenreActionFantasyMagicSlice of Life
UpdatedDec 13, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count26,300
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