Raindrops and Heartbeats

Ordinary life hangs over us like the sky. Dull, normal, and routine, the school days roll by like quiet spring storms.

Fukada Shiori is in love with a boy across her class, Naito Kazuki. Lucky but unbeknownst to her, he's also in love with her! Now all they have to do is ask each other out. It's that easy, right?

Or perhaps not...

A dash of romance, fleeting feelings, and simple misunderstanding are the watercolors of imagination. A meaningless smile can be someone's hope and a pointless gesture can form someone's dreams.

This is a story of teenage love. An idiotic teenage love under the ambient clouds. A cruel game of the mind, heart, and soul. Heartfelt becomes heartless and happiness becomes grief in overcomplicated, unremarkable school days.

Ordinary life hangs over us like the sky. Expansive, intangible, and amazing, it flows by with the spring breeze. And laying in the center of this convoluted enigma is the treasure of love and true self.

Prompt #1: Impossible Romance
Themes: #Drama
My themes: #Romance

Prompt #1: Impossible Romance
Themes: #Drama
My themes: #Romance

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GenreRomanceSlice of Life
UpdatedOct 03, 2021
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