Is Fate A Question?

"What is fate? Three choices: a curse, a blessing, or anything that is prescribed by you."

What if on a simple repeated day of gaming and watching anime, a girl clad in chaste white clothes with skin more supple and softer than cotton and a dazzling halo embellishing her cute features, raises this question to a man who has luck worse than a kitten in front of a lion?

"You exactly have 31536015 seconds to answer this question, please start looking for an answer right away or the God mayhap seek terror from you."

And so he finds himself in a troubled generic fantasy world, the next question that holds priority to him is now, "What the hell am I supposed to do?!"

Prompt: My New Life as a...
Theme(s): #Fantasy
My themes: #Adventure #Isekai #Magic #Drama

Prompt: My New Life as a...
Theme(s): #Fantasy
My themes: #Adventure #Isekai #Magic #Drama

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UpdatedJul 15, 2021
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