Petrosinella, the Perfect Witch's Daughter

Once upon a time, a witch wished for the perfect daughter - one who was beautiful, cunning, wicked, a master of magic...

But she never said that she wanted her to be cis.

Humiliated to hear after 12 years that her preciously raised "son" is actually a girl, the witch comes up with the most genius solution: to lock her in a tower until she "admits" that she's really a boy.

But when did trying to imprison an omnipotent malevolent entity ever end well for anyone?

Originally written for "Sappho’s Spinning Wheel: A Yuri Garden Anthology", "Petrosinella, the Perfect Witch's Daughter" is a witchy retelling of Basile's bawdy original fairytale, and a rowdy love letter to all those deliciously wicked witch's daughters we were told to despise as children.

Cover art commissioned from ShrimpBanana (, with the title added by me.

GenreComedyFantasyRomanceGirls Love
UpdatedJul 06, 2021
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count4,261
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