A Whisper in Scarlet

For Eujin Vast, hunting the evils that prey on men is an art- and he is the continent's most accomplished artist.

For Syrvena Kunning, life is precious. Something you never take for granted, even when your days are filled with helping your overworked mother tend the local inn.

But when her village is wiped from the map by a monster attack, Syrvena will do anything to survive, even if it means apprenticing herself to a legendary merchant of death. As Eujin Vast's ward, she must learn to navigate a magic-filled world much darker and dangerous than she ever knew possible as she cultivates a knack for violence - and plans her revenge.

Prompt: My New Life As A...
Theme(s): #Fantasy
My Themes: #Magic #Supernatural #FemaleLead #Action #Revenge

New Chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for certain. Bonus chapters on other days occasionally. Thanks for taking the time to give this story a look!

Prompt: My New Life As A...
Theme(s): #Fantasy
My Themes: #Magic #Supernatural #FemaleLead #Action #Revenge

New Chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for certain. Bonus chapters on other days occasionally. Thanks for taking the time to give this story a l...

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Chapter 0: Prologue
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Chapter 1: Chapter One
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Chapter 2: Chapter Two
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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
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Chapter 4: Chapter Four
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Chapter 5: Chapter Five
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Chapter 6: Chapter Six (part 1)
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Chapter 7: Chapter Six (part 2)
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Chapter 8: Chapter Seven
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Chapter 9: Interlude I
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Chapter 10: Chapter Eight
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Chapter 11: Chapter Nine
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Chapter 12: Chapter Ten (Part 1)
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Chapter 13: Chapter Ten (Part 2)
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Chapter 14: Chapter Eleven
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Chapter 15: Chapter Twelve
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Chapter 16: Chapter Thirteen
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Chapter 17: Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter 18: Interlude II
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Chapter 19: Chapter Fifteen
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Chapter 20: Chapter Sixteen
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Chapter 21: Chapter Seventeen
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Chapter 22: Chapter Eighteen
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Chapter 23: Chapter Nineteen
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Chapter 24: Chapter Twenty
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Chapter 25: Chapter Twenty-One
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Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Two
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Chapter 27: Chapter Twenty-Three
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Chapter 28: Chapter Twenty-Four
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Chapter 29: Chapter Twenty-Five
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Chapter 30: Chapter Twenty-Six
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Chapter 31: Interlude III
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Chapter 32: Chapter Twenty-Seven
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Chapter 33: Chapter Twenty-Eight
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Chapter 34: Chapter Twenty-Nine
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Chapter 35: Chapter Thirty
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Chapter 36: Chapter Thirty-One
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Chapter 37: Chapter Thirty-Two
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Chapter 38: Epilogue
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