Requiem for Cinderella: a Dragon story.

A hundred years after the country's unification, disorder and distrust shaped the land back into a patchwork of feudal warring states. As the threat of a foreign invasion draws near, dying archmage Charles leaves his heirs with a note: "Only those once cast out as heretics may put things in motion in order to save us, before the enemy pick us one by one".
Most of the mages were once exiled by Dragons. Dragons who blessed and watched over every major duke.

The only lead Charles' daughter Anna and her best friend John have is a sorcerer named Sagara, gone missing ten years before. She was rumored to not only possess dragon powers but also transform into one. Only recently merchants have claimed to have met with her pupil:
the secret warden of Rumane village, a local god townsfolk call "Cinderella".

Driven by the need to follow her father's wish, Anna embarks on a dangerous and illegal journey of finding creatures and people both rulers and the Church deem criminal.

UpdatedOct 29, 2016
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count3,885
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